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provisions of microcredit interest rates lower and upper limits

the registered capital shall not be less than 50 million yuan, and its lending rate shall not exceed the limit specified by the department of justice. city government on december 14 of a microfinance company management, such financial institutions should establish an information disclosure system, and accept their supervision.  

small and medium enterprises and financing difficulties prevailing in rural areas, due to the capital chain rupture, some smes are even at risk of bankruptcy. microfinance company to activating civil capital, regulate the private financing, services and smes in rural areas set up.  

as a rule, a floor on lending rates for the people's bank of china of a microfinance company 0.9 times the benchmark rate quoted, the ceiling for the upper limit specified by the department of justice shall trans-regional operation shall not engage in any form of illegal fund-raising activities. loans, should adhere to the "small, decentralized" principle, provision of credit facilities for farmers, micro-enterprises, small and medium enterprises, but the same borrower loans shall not exceed the net capital of a microfinance company 5%.  

limited liability company engaged in microfinance business shall not be less than 50 million yuan of registered capital, inc shall not be less than 100 million yuan. finance, taxation, industry and commerce, public security departments, will be funded for the proposed establishment of a microfinance company to evalsuate the corporate shareholder's tax situation, monitoring corporate social audit and asset appraisal, investigate and punish acts such as contract fraud, financial irregularities, illegal fund-raising.