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city finance office response strengthening microfinance industry support advice

      journalist yesterday learned from the municipal people's congress, the city finance office recently on this year's "two sessions" during the national people's congress on strengthening of the microfinance industry support to be introduced, and widening the financing channels for small and medium enterprises responded to the recommendation.
municipal people's congress proposed in the recommendation, at present, the people's bank credit system business and personal loan information provided to the bank, the microfinance companies in business, queries do not loan business loan and credit situation, credit information is not shared, a lot of risk.
on behalf of the lending source of funds of a microfinance company limited, and bank credit system cannot be put forward three suggestions on the information sharing, city finance office in reply to one by one in response.
recommended: access bank credit system
response: under active research
municipal people's congress put forward the people's bank credit system open to microfinance companies, commercial banks, micro-credit companies about customer credit resources can be shared, improved efficiency of the financing operation, reduce systemic risk.
in response, the city finance office, said early on this issue and the people's bank of shenzhen central subbranch of the full communication. because the current single microfinance companies access credit system conditions are not met, finance office of shenzhen city, next step will be to guide microfinance industry association study design unicom microfinance companies unified and standardized system platform, and try the system platform and the central bank's credit information system, to share their credit resources of the bank, reducing the business risks of a microfinance company. currently this work is under active study.
advice: give tax preferential policy
re: to superior departments
representatives proposed in the recommendation, in order to reduce the operating costs of a microfinance company, promoting their sound operation, recommended for small loan companies preferential tax policies. taking into account the small loan company is a state-approved permit to engage in the loan company, special applications for finance office of the coordination of tax authorities, allowing it to set aside provisions for loan losses, and granted income tax deductions. in addition, the state guarantees for sme service company tax preferences, sound operation for more than three years, the amount of loans for smes in total business over 70% of microfinance companies from business tax concessions.
in response said the city finance office, municipal local tax bureau office view, because micro-credit company belongs to the non-financial enterprises, and is not a guarantee and cannot be governed by the relevant provisions of pre-tax deduction policy. municipal local taxation bureau suggested that under current tax law and relevant provisions of tax administrative privileges, tax legislative power is concentrated in the center, all localities and departments cannot exceed the permissions allowed to develop, interpret, tax policy, or approval of the ultra vires tax. municipal local taxation bureau will provide superior tax department reflect the situation, seek solutions for higher authorities to formulate and adjust tax policies of a microfinance company provided.
recommended: compensation
replies: for national funding
representatives proposed to give mcc a risk compensation. according to the financial and enterprise no. 2008235 the text of the declaration of 2009-sme credit guarantee business subsidy fund, concerning organization declared national small business enterprise finance guarantee fee subsidies in 2009: notice of spirit, small loans for eligible companies providing smes with loans of up to 5 million yuan project, according to money management operations do not exceed the loan amount 1% subsidies. microfinance company received grant funds can only be used to compensate for the loss compensation or additional risk provisions.
in response, the city finance office said that the office view of the municipal finance authority, in accordance with the relevant policies, relating to funds its subsidy credit guarantee institutions for smes, did not include a micro-loan company. it is understood that the current country launched village banks, finance companies and other new rural financial subsidy policy of the organization. related to microfinance company compensation policies in the future, the commission will actively in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, state funding funding guide microfinance companies in our city.
city finance office, said microfinance industry in china is an innovative business, the city's micro-loan company in the development process, there are some common difficulties and problems, such as nature is not clear issue, on the single channel of financing issues, credit information system access lines, and so on. city finance office, as competent authority, pilot in the next step, will actively study and solve common problems in the development of a microfinance company, strengthen communication and coordination with the people's bank and the banking sector, to secure as soon as possible to support and policy measures to address the long-term development of a microfinance company.

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